Juxtaposition – by Orlandicus July 2021

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Guildhall Online Logic Pro X Course

From the 12th of July to the 16th I had attended an online lessons that taught me a lot about the technical side of Logic Pro X. My teacher is a professor who works at the Guildhall University at the Barbican. She gave tutorials about how to use Alchemy, Samplers and the EQ. Each day, we studied new components that enhance our ability to write music. Overall, I learnt a lot of new functions that I didn’t know previously, and in all my future compositions I will make sure to apply my experience starting with this piece.

Composing and Production

I started composing this piece in the afternoon on Monday, originally I decided to compose an electronic piece but I decided to create a fusion of Jazz and R&B. At first I found the mixing to be quite tricky but I asked my teacher multiple questions concerning how to mix efficiently to create a successful fusion. She helped me a lot and would give feedback and often show me examples of how to add some distortion or lower the level of reverb. By Wednesday I understood the fundamentals and was getting along well until she introduced Alchemy which was a heavy weight topic that she discussed with me and the group on Thursday. After hours of studying how to use Alchemy I tried it for the first time and it seemed easier to use than how it was explained on paper.

On Friday, my piece was nearly complete but needed a few tweaks to improve certain parts. After presenting my piece during the final run-through, everyone gave me good feedback and tips on how to improve it and I really took on board what they said and fine tuned the piece using their feedback. Overall, I really enjoyed the course and I loved meeting the people that I got to talk to on the course and I hope I meet them in the future!

Below there is a screenshot of my finished work: