Down to Arizona – by Orlandicus October 2020

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Music Software for Down to Arizona

It is a new era of music composition for me. I have been working little by little and now I have the finished a song in a new style. This work has taken me over a month to complete. The piece consists of drums, guitar, steel guitar, synthesizer and percussion. This music means a lot to me, I hope it does to you.

How I wrote Down to Arizona

I would sit down and adjust minute details for hours over the course of the week, such as the melody of the steel guitar. This song has cost me time and effort, I wouldn’t want this piece to be ordinary, it needed to be different. The software I used was Soundtrap on which you can compose non-electronic music as well as electronic. To make non-electronic music you have to invest money and time into creating work that has a distinct feel when people here it.

My Travelogue – by Orlandicus September 2020

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SOFTWARE: Soundtrap

EXPERIENCE: I have composed electric music, pop music, orchestral music, but I haven’t composed Americana style music until now. Last year, during my first few days back at school, I would often visit the recording studio and just play some tunes on the piano, but due to COVID-19 I haven’t had the chance to record music with actual instruments so I have created my own recording studio online. This has been an amazing experience and it is nice to give electronic music a break for while.

Lo-Fi – by Orlandicus August 2020

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SOFTWARE: Soundtrap (online software)

EXPERIENCE: It is nice to change things up a little, that is why I have chosen to take a step back and look back at the work I have done. Immediately I saw that I haven’t made any Lo-Fi projects at all. It took two weeks for me to finish and polish this project, I also added some background noise to give it a feeling like you are actually there.

Astro – By Orlandicus August 2020

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SOFTWARE: Soundtrap (online music software)

EXPERIENCE: This project started at school before lockdown. I was working on a mac at school when suddenly something came to mind. I immediately wrote down the tune on a pad of paper. Slowly I converted the music from the paper into the software on the laptop. This is a piece that reminds me of school, and how long to go back.

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