Juxtaposition – by Orlandicus July 2021

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Guildhall Online Logic Pro X Course

From the 12th of July to the 16th I had attended an online lessons that taught me a lot about the technical side of Logic Pro X. My teacher is a professor who works at the Guildhall University at the Barbican. She gave tutorials about how to use Alchemy, Samplers and the EQ. Each day, we studied new components that enhance our ability to write music. Overall, I learnt a lot of new functions that I didn’t know previously, and in all my future compositions I will make sure to apply my experience starting with this piece.

Composing and Production

I started composing this piece in the afternoon on Monday, originally I decided to compose an electronic piece but I decided to create a fusion of Jazz and R&B. At first I found the mixing to be quite tricky but I asked my teacher multiple questions concerning how to mix efficiently to create a successful fusion. She helped me a lot and would give feedback and often show me examples of how to add some distortion or lower the level of reverb. By Wednesday I understood the fundamentals and was getting along well until she introduced Alchemy which was a heavy weight topic that she discussed with me and the group on Thursday. After hours of studying how to use Alchemy I tried it for the first time and it seemed easier to use than how it was explained on paper.

On Friday, my piece was nearly complete but needed a few tweaks to improve certain parts. After presenting my piece during the final run-through, everyone gave me good feedback and tips on how to improve it and I really took on board what they said and fine tuned the piece using their feedback. Overall, I really enjoyed the course and I loved meeting the people that I got to talk to on the course and I hope I meet them in the future!

Below there is a screenshot of my finished work:

By the Beach – by Orlandicus February 2021

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An Understanding

Music is a way of communicating to others from different backgrounds and with unique personalities. It is a language that everyone understands and can relate to. In movies, for example, the music is another way of describing to the audience what is happening.


Ever since the beginning of secondary school I have been learning new composition techniques that have affected my music. I have progressed through different genres of music through the years, and I have learned from my mistakes and improved on them substantially. I’m always learning new techniques to apply into my music, an example of this is vibrato. You can add affects to make an instrument use vibrato but to get the authentic sound you have to record your own samples. In this piece you will hear my own flute vibrato samples, this for me was a new step for me and I will continue to learn because there is an endless list of techniques that I am yet to try out.

A Kind of Paradise – by Orlandicus February 2021

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I started composing chunks of this piece when I was in year seven. After school I would rush into the music room and play some satisfying chords, this feeling when I was by myself playing the piano felt like a kind of paradise. The freedom to play whatever I want really makes me feel happy and joyful.

Bringing it all together

After completing all the chunks, I decided that I would attach them together to create a piano solo. This took some time to edit due to attaching them together and changing the dynamics and the tempo. Finally, when I finished the piece three years later, I felt the freedom of releasing my music for everyone to listen to, that is what I think of as paradise.

Can’t Stop Me – by Orlandicus December 2020

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Finding & Finishing an Old Song

After re-listening to the work I have already posted, I remembered there were still many unfinished projects. I went back to some pieces I started some time ago and decided to finish one of them.

My Thoughts

After putting a lot of time and effort into this piece, I think that I will be giving Hip-Hop music a break and ask the listeners what kind of music they would like me to compose. Please comment here or via the contact page.

Short Jazz Impressions – by Orlandicus November 2020

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The Eight Tracks

These Jazz shorts are a new course of compositions from me. It has taken a number of months to complete and over time my skill and knowledge of acoustic composition has improved greatly. I used Logic Pro X with a touch sensitive MIDI keyboard to enhance the sound of all the tracks. Below I have marked the times of when each piece starts and finishes. Enjoy!

Jazz Short 1: On the Line

0:00 – 0:40: This piece reminds me of when I was in Greenwich park during Autumn last year, I would walk under the large trees with my grandparents.

Jazz Short 2: Warp Importune

0:41 – 1:18: When the trumpet plays the long note in the middle of the piece, I would describe as when I act a bit suspicious around others.

Jazz Short 3: Friday Foray

1:19 – 1:58: A happy sensation when I am walking home on a Friday with the weekend ahead of me.

Jazz Short 4: The Rhodian

2:00 – 2:34: Canoeing around Rhodes was one of my most favourite memories. A few Rhodians would come with me early in the morning and snorkel by the reef.

Jazz Short 5: Fast Lane

2:36 – 3:06: When I am in a rush, I tend to make more hectic decisions and the music portrays this perfectly. The drum fills resemble my thoughts whilst all this would be happening.

Jazz Short 6: Dream State

3:08 – 3:38: In the evening after dinner, you would settle down and read a book whilst sipping some hot chocolate. I would often listen to some calm jazz and this seemed the right kind of jazz for this scenario.

Jazz Short 7: Daytime Reign

3:40 – 4:17: This is a conversation between the piano and the saxophone. Happiness and joy is the theme they are talking about.

Jazz Short 8: The Finale

4:20 – 5:02: The moment we have all been waiting for (hopefully). This is more of a Lo-Fi short rather than Jazz. but because many people have told me that my original Lo-Fi was a hit I took that as inspiration to make another piece with a jazz influence.

Vermont – by Orlandicus October 2020

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EXPERIENCE: This piece took me four weeks to complete. This project went though multiple recordings, eventually I managed to get this piece through Audacity. After a few tweaks I created a unique mix of electronic and authentic sounds, I hope you enjoy this piece.

My Travelogue – by Orlandicus September 2020

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SOFTWARE: Soundtrap

EXPERIENCE: I have composed electric music, pop music, orchestral music, but I haven’t composed Americana style music until now. Last year, during my first few days back at school, I would often visit the recording studio and just play some tunes on the piano, but due to COVID-19 I haven’t had the chance to record music with actual instruments so I have created my own recording studio online. This has been an amazing experience and it is nice to give electronic music a break for while.

ROTATION – Composed for the BBC Young Composer Competition July 2020

Click here for the score (pdf)

I developed my composition “ROTATION” for over a month, during lockdown in June and July 2020. I was inspired to enter this competition due to having watched a number of movies with an awesome soundtrack.

ROTATION was recorded on Logic Pro X and I played everything manually on the piano.

There are no loops, its all my own work!

Even though I didn’t win, I am happy with what I composed and I will be entering the competition for the next 4 years.