By the Beach – by Orlandicus February 2021

Best heard with headphones

An Understanding

Music is a way of communicating to others from different backgrounds and with unique personalities. It is a language that everyone understands and can relate to. In movies, for example, the music is another way of describing to the audience what is happening.


Ever since the beginning of secondary school I have been learning new composition techniques that have affected my music. I have progressed through different genres of music through the years, and I have learned from my mistakes and improved on them substantially. I’m always learning new techniques to apply into my music, an example of this is vibrato. You can add affects to make an instrument use vibrato but to get the authentic sound you have to record your own samples. In this piece you will hear my own flute vibrato samples, this for me was a new step for me and I will continue to learn because there is an endless list of techniques that I am yet to try out.