Short Jazz Impressions – by Orlandicus November 2020

Best heard with headphones

The Eight Tracks

These Jazz shorts are a new course of compositions from me. It has taken a number of months to complete and over time my skill and knowledge of acoustic composition has improved greatly. I used Logic Pro X with a touch sensitive MIDI keyboard to enhance the sound of all the tracks. Below I have marked the times of when each piece starts and finishes. Enjoy!

Jazz Short 1: On the Line

0:00 – 0:40: This piece reminds me of when I was in Greenwich park during Autumn last year, I would walk under the large trees with my grandparents.

Jazz Short 2: Warp Importune

0:41 – 1:18: When the trumpet plays the long note in the middle of the piece, I would describe as when I act a bit suspicious around others.

Jazz Short 3: Friday Foray

1:19 – 1:58: A happy sensation when I am walking home on a Friday with the weekend ahead of me.

Jazz Short 4: The Rhodian

2:00 – 2:34: Canoeing around Rhodes was one of my most favourite memories. A few Rhodians would come with me early in the morning and snorkel by the reef.

Jazz Short 5: Fast Lane

2:36 – 3:06: When I am in a rush, I tend to make more hectic decisions and the music portrays this perfectly. The drum fills resemble my thoughts whilst all this would be happening.

Jazz Short 6: Dream State

3:08 – 3:38: In the evening after dinner, you would settle down and read a book whilst sipping some hot chocolate. I would often listen to some calm jazz and this seemed the right kind of jazz for this scenario.

Jazz Short 7: Daytime Reign

3:40 – 4:17: This is a conversation between the piano and the saxophone. Happiness and joy is the theme they are talking about.

Jazz Short 8: The Finale

4:20 – 5:02: The moment we have all been waiting for (hopefully). This is more of a Lo-Fi short rather than Jazz. but because many people have told me that my original Lo-Fi was a hit I took that as inspiration to make another piece with a jazz influence.