My Travelogue – by Orlandicus September 2020

Best heard with a speaker

SOFTWARE: Soundtrap

EXPERIENCE: I have composed electric music, pop music, orchestral music, but I haven’t composed Americana style music until now. Last year, during my first few days back at school, I would often visit the recording studio and just play some tunes on the piano, but due to COVID-19 I haven’t had the chance to record music with actual instruments so I have created my own recording studio online. This has been an amazing experience and it is nice to give electronic music a break for while.

ROTATION – Composed for the BBC Young Composer Competition July 2020

Click here for the score (pdf)

I developed my composition “ROTATION” for over a month, during lockdown in June and July 2020. I was inspired to enter this competition due to having watched a number of movies with an awesome soundtrack.

ROTATION was recorded on Logic Pro X and I played everything manually on the piano.

There are no loops, its all my own work!

Even though I didn’t win, I am happy with what I composed and I will be entering the competition for the next 4 years.

Fulham Friends – by Orlandicus September 2020

Best heard with a speaker

SOFTWARE: Garageband

EXPERIENCE: After being inspired to make more music like Party all Night, I decided to experiment more with the same genre of music, which took me roughly three weeks to complete. I really enjoyed working on this piece and I hope you share my enthusiasm with this project.