Patience – by Orlandicus March 2020

Best heard with headphones

SOFTWARE: Garage Band & Audacity

EXPERIENCE: I composed this piece of music over a couple of days. I had some trouble with the bass but I got there in the end. I changed the texture and softened the piano. During mastering we compressed the bass because it was a little overpowering.

PIANO SCORE: Click here for the piano score (PDF, opens a new window, (c) Orlandicus 2020)

Copyright (c) Orlandicus 2020

End Titles – by Orlandicus March 2020

A one-man orchestra is a person who is capable of programming all instruments in the orchestra.

SOFTWARE: Logic Pro X and Audacity

EXPERIENCE: I have been working on this for roughly a month, tuning into different instruments and working out a good pattern. Finally after lots of hard work I have an outcome. One of my best pieces on Logic Pro X.

Copyright (c) Orlandicus 2020

Printer Party – by Orlandicus March 2020

If you are in the car or in the mood for some upbeat music, this is the piece of music for you!

SOFTWARE: Logic Pro X and Audacity

EXPERIENCE: This piece is important to me because it was the first time using Audacity and I didn’t really know how to use it, but with some help I have created an upbeat piece that you will enjoy.

Copyright (c) Orlandicus 2020